A magical week with Next Gen

I’m also very grateful that this project helped me grow as a person. I discovered my “magic” here.

I’ve been so excited about the Next Generation Radio project since the moment I knew that I got in. So when I got the email saying that the project is back on virtually, I didn’t hesitate to say “I’m in” even though I’m now in China with a huge time difference. And as it turns out, this project has everything that I hoped for and so much more.

As an audio engineering apprentice, I learned so much more about audio storytelling this week. One cool thing I’ve learned is how to “master” audio. I had no idea what that is when I started. And to be honest, I was a little bit intimated by the name “mastering.” But my mentor, Selena, was really patient with me. Before we actually went into the technicalities, she told me about the time when she was new to all of this and how she learned to do it. As she started to teach me, she walked me through every step of it and explained everything clearly to me. She also shared her notes with me so that I could understand the whole process better. Selena made everything so much more fun and I really enjoyed learning new ways to play with audio.

I’m also very grateful that this project helped me grow as a person. I discovered my “magic” here. I love audio storytelling and I love to help to bring out the best of a story by audio engineering skills I’ve learned. Another thing I must say is that I love the atmosphere here. Everyone is so caring, supportive, and inspiring. I learned so much from each and every person that I worked closely with and I’m really proud to say that we achieved great things as a team.

By Yuki Liang

Yuki Liang is a rising junior at the University of Southern California, where she is studying journalism and political economy. She works as a radio producer and technical director at Annenberg Media, a student-run news organization at USC. Yuki is from China and she wants to be a journalist who gives voice to the unheard. She hopes to raise awareness of the critical social, economic, and ecological issues facing people around the world through her work. When she’s not reporting or producing, she loves reading novels, watching movies, and playing the guitar.

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